The city of Ivancice will finance the museum of its native Alfons Mucha with a collection

The city of Ivancice will finance the museum of its native Alfons Mucha with a collection

Ivancice is preparing a new museum for its native and the most famous Czech Art Nouveau painter, whose work can be remembered by everyone when his name is mentioned. The local Alfons Mucha Memorial is awaiting a complete reconstruction to become a full-fledged Alfons Mucha Museum within a few years. It is a logical step - Mucha's name is a great attraction for locals and tourists from abroad, which was confirmed, for example, by the Slavic Epic exhibition.

Currently, the monument, which is visited annually by three thousand tourists, is closed and the city has launched a fundraising event to finance the overall reconstruction with a target amount of 15 million Czech crowns. Anyone can get involved by purchasing a limited series of postcards on the website They depict Mucha's unrealized triptych the Three Ages, i.e. the works Age of Love, Age of Reason and Age of Wisdom, in the latest, as yet unpublished color version. The fundraising sketches were released by the master's grandson John Mucha. Postcards printed in the Statni tiskarna cenin, s.p. contain, in addition to numerous technological security elements against counterfeiting, also a scratch-off field hiding a possible win.

There is a great interest in Mucha's work in the world. In addition to the Slavic Epic, those interested were also attracted by the collection of Art Nouveau posters exhibited by the tennis legend Ivan Lendl. People are willing to travel to see Mucha's work, so the reconstructed museum in the place of the master's youth and early work should also contribute to the support of tourism in the South Moravian Region. The work Three Ages was not chosen at random for the collection - it is not so well known among the public, so it is expected that there will be great interest in the limited edition of these three types of postcards.

Triptychem se ve třicátých letech Mucha rozhodl promluvit nejen ke Slovanům, ale ve stínu válečné hrozby i k celému lidstvu. Dílo bylo chystané na velkoformátová plátna a mělo zobrazovat propojení rozumu, moudrosti a lásky jako pilířů, na nichž stojí celá civilizace. Rozum a láska představují podle autora dva extrémy, které je možné spojit pouze moudrostí. Do své smrti ale český malíř světového významu stihl zpracovat bohužel pouze vzory pro každý z obrazů, a to tužkou a akvarelem. Triptych už dokončit nestihl, výslech na gestapu krátce po vpádu wehrmachtu na naše území v březnu 1939 a zdravotní komplikace spojené se zápalem plic totiž přispěly k jeho smrti.

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