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Postcard Age of Wisdom

"Wisdom like a white swan carries itself through deep black waters - it shines with its pure whiteness, knows no dirt or sludge, and only balances its center of gravity on the swaying waves and glistens with pearls of water in its wings."

A. Mucha, About Love, Reason and Wisdom

Reproduction of the original work by A. Mucha from the trilogy Three Ages - preserved colors, aspect ratio, color of the paper on which the work was captured.
Size: format A5
Paper weight: 200 g/m²
UV element on the front side - portrait and signature of A. Mucha

Back side:
The first Czechoslovak postage stamp, author A. Mucha
Stamp with the date of first issue of the stamp
Scratch field

777,00  incl. VAT

The postcard is an original author's work

scratch field with attractive prizes

interesting investment in arts and entertainment

direct funding of charitable projects

Additional description of the project

The product of the offered winning postcards represents the work of Alfons Mucha from his last years, when he devoted himself to the project Three Ages: the trilogy Age of Reason, Age of Wisdom and Age of Love. humanity. According to Mucha's remarks, reason, wisdom and love are the basic building blocks of humanity, and love and reason, standing at different ends of the imaginary boundary, can only be connected through wisdom. However, due to the fact of the oncoming fascism, the processing itself did not take place, but detailed sketches were prepared, which are preserved in the family collection.

Our company is the main organizer and coordinator of this event. It is a great honor for us that the project was created with the support of the Mucha Foundation and the town of Ivančice and that the postcards will be printed in the State Printing House of Securities.

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