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Postcard Age of Reason

Reproduction of the original work of A. Mucha 
from the trilogy Three Ages
"Reason often acts bluntly and self-reliably, but he cannot understand that his entire existence is nothing but the activity of a doorman in front of a royal palace."

A. Mucha, About Love, Reason and Wisdom
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Postcard Age of Wisdom

Reproduction of the original work of A. Mucha 
from the trilogy Three Ages
"Wisdom like a white swan carries itself through deep black waters - it shines with its pure whiteness, knows no dirt or sludge, and only balances its center of gravity on the swaying waves and glistens with pearls of water in its wings."

A. Mucha, About Love, Reason and Wisdom
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Postcard Age of love

Reproduction of the original work of A. Mucha 
from the trilogy Three Ages
"Like the morning dew, a spark of love will refresh the spirit.
Every morning, the sun shines in it.
Burning love does not go out, on the contrary, its flame increases. "

A. Mucha, About Love, Reason and Wisdom
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Project introduction

Alfons Mucha, umělec z jižní Moravy, světově uznávaný malíř, fotograf a zakladatel secese. Proto není s podivem, že jsou na Moravě a právě v Ivančicích, odkud Alfons Mucha pochází, hrdí nadšenci, kteří by rádi pozvedli odkaz svého největšího rodáka a zrekonstruovali jeho památník, muzeum na malebném náměstí v Ivančicích.Tento projekt má za cíl nejen finančně podpořit realizační část stavby, ale také seznámit veřejnost s dosud méně známou tvorbou Alfonse Muchy prostřednictvím unikátních pohlednic. Výtěžek z prodeje těchto pohlednic pak město Ivančice využije právě k účelu obnovy Muchova památníku.

Project partners

Mucha Foundation
Postal Museum
State Securities Printer

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Why a museum in Ivancice

The monument to Alphonse Mucha in the building of the old Gothic-Renaissance town hall of is the second oldest building on Ivancice Square. Its foundations are two original houses from the 15th century. Renaissance rarity are two cellar vaults with a bolt belonging to one of the oldest preserved vaults of this type in Moravia.

The building served as a town hall until 1850. A cellar of Gothic origin has been preserved, which probably served as a tavern back then. A number of paintings and inscriptions from the 16th century have been preserved on the plaster of the ceiling vaults. After 1850, the building was handed over to the Czech authorities for the district court, which operated here until 1959. Later, the building served as a special school, a folk-art school and a bank.
After extensive reconstruction, the building has been used for exhibition purposes - Alphonse Mucha acquired his permanent exhibition here on July 24, 2003, the 143rd anniversary of the artist's birth. Occasional exhibitions and concerts are also held here. The Ivancice Cultural and Information Centre is based in the building.


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